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Principal's Corner
by Janelle K. Schick, ASID

As we close in on the tenth anniversary for Schick Design Group (June 1, 2009), I intriguingly take stock of where we started and where we are going.  In 1999, it was scary starting a company with very little experience in running the whole show.  We opened with a lot of wonderful residential clients and a few commercial ones.  The goal was to mix the two markets with an emphasis on hospitality design including hotels, restaurants, spas, clubhouses and senior living.  Little did we know that the residential element was fast becoming the initial review component of most, or all, of the hospitality projects we design.  We were excited to think we had all of our markets covered.  Today the work has shifted to mostly hospitality with still several wonderful residential clients in the mix. 


When we review the past and look forward to our future, the work that we do has taken on several new directions.  As we get involved with each project and our clients requirements, our programming includes creating healthier living environments – not only with sustainability and environmentally friendly programs (as you can see by Lisa’s article), but implementing healthy planning in the process as well.  All these elements play a huge role in the markets we design.  Our goal is to make every project protect our clients and the environments we design by incorporating wellness and sustainability whenever and wherever possible.  Come along and join our group.  We will create those healthy spaces for you as well.



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Schick Design Group is proud to mention that we are the recipient of four 2008 ASID awards:


1st Place

Residential Model Spaces


1st Place

Residential over 6,000 sf


2nd Place

Residential Model Spaces


2nd Place

Product Design Fixtures

Schick Design Group has won numerous design awards.


Green Design:  DNA of Our Living Environments

by Lisa Perrone


Entering Arizona State University in the fall of 2004, like many other students, I was undecided on my major, but I knew what I was truly interested in. It was the healthcare and wellbeing of people that drove me to take biology and math classes, but to my favorite high school chemistry teacher’s surprise I became an interior designer not a medical researcher or doctor. Or did I? The attention to green design, brought upon by the media, has put a different light on designers and has highlighted the responsibility we have to our clients. Green design has motivated me to learn how to create better environments revolving around the entire reason I got into design in the first place:  the human factor. We are helping build the environments in which “humans” live, work and play. As one of the leading advocates for green design, Bernadette Upton put it “we need to be responsible for the invisible as well as the visible”. In order to find out what these invisible elements are that are affecting are wellbeing we must go back to the basics and do our research just like a medical professional would.


Problem Areas

Research has proven that thirty percent of the U.S. population suffers from allergies and airborne contaminants – most of which is from right in their homes and work places. As interior designers we play a crucial role by researching the products we are specifying.


Considerations for Interior Design specifications:

  - Look for industry labels such as “cradle to cradle”, “Forest Stewardship Council”, or “Green Seal."

  - Consider the durability or length of the life-cycle for the product you want to use.

  - Make sure the product is recyclable or made of reclaimed or has post-consumer recycled content.

  - Avoid polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) a flame retardant which has toxic emissions.

  - Selects paints that contain as close to zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as possible. 

  - Buy furniture which doesn't come from endangered rainforests.

  - Specify formaldehyde-free wood products.

  - Look for non-pvc wall coverings and when applicable use natural fiber wall coverings such as sisal.

  - Find carpeting that does not contain phenylcyclohexene or ones that are biodegradable.

  - Have the old carpet picked up for recycling by the Carpet America Recovery Effort or Starnet.


Not every product on the market today is harmful, which is why doing the research is so important as a designer, consumer or human being. We have a right to and should be obtaining Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).  As another green promoter William McDonough said “in the green industry, when we don’t know something, we’re ignorant; when we know something and don’t do anything about it, we’re negligent”.



Interior designers are a part of the whole building envelope.  As designers “we have something to do with water efficiency and purification; energy efficiency; waste reduction; indoor environmental quality; indoor air quality; material and resources” Upton states. This is what gives us a major role in the fight for a cleanlier, healthier environment. We can replace questions like “what color do you want on your walls” to “does anyone in the house have allergies or asthma”.


At Schick Design Group

At Schick Design Group, we are doing our research on the makeup of our products and our interiors while educating our employees. “If you have a green building but not a green interior designer, you no longer have a green building” Upton states, and in support of this statement the LEED accreditation process has started at our firm and we are looking to keep expanding this education to the majority.  Green design is not about keeping up with the latest design craze but about continuing research and education so that we will be able to provide for the healthcare and wellbeing of those in our environments. I am doing exactly what I set out to do after all.



Carpet America Recovery Effort:


Starnet Reclamation:




The team at SDG is dedicated to serving the community in

which they live, work, and play.


Recently we have participated in the Susan G. Komen

Race for the Cure (left).


Every first Tuesday, in conjunction with NEWH, we serve

food at the St. Vincent de Paul’s dining room.

We were also involved in the Valley Partners community service project for The Foundation for the Blind (below). 




Most recently we designed and had built a dog house for the 2nd annual Petutopia to benefit the Arizona Animal welfare League and the SPCA.



“An urban, trendy, hip condo for the doggie on the go.”


Vendor Spotlight
by Chris with Acoustic Designs

Technology - you love it or hate it!  But like it or not, it’s here to stay and will continue to improve and evolve.  Most homeowners believe that home entertainment technology is nothing more than a flat screen TV, surround sound receiver and DVD player.  By contrast, “techy” homeowners -- those who must be on the cutting edge of technology -- want to entertain their friends with a media environment programmed to control lighting, audio/video and HVAC. 


The average homeowner often asks the most simple of questions such as:  what’s the difference between an LCD or plasma; do I really need all of those cables; or I picked this universal remote up at Best Buy, are you able to program it?  With these unknowns and more, what steps should a prudent homeowner take to move forward with the acquisition and installation of a home entertainment system?


Essentially, homeowners have two choices: a superstore retailer, such as Best Buy or Circuit City; or a custom installation company.  If yours is a simple system -- a flat-screen, surround sound receiver and a DVD player -- then you are more than likely a large retailer customer.  If, however, you are looking for superior product selection or some type of home automation system, then a professional custom installation company is the best choice for you. 


To ensure success in your relationship with a custom installation company, treat it like a marriage.  First, thoroughly interview the company before saying “I do.”  Second, make no mistake that you will encounter issues with your system, just as you do with your laptop, home computer, or beloved spouse.  The upper echelon of equipment, regardless of manufacturer, is sophisticated and can be quirky at times.  Third, scrutinize the company at the outset because if you have any doubts when you hire them, those doubts will multiply once you become wedded to the contract.  Be sure to learn about the company’s track record by asking the number of years the company has been in business, the level of experience of technicians, if programming is performed in-house or subcontracted out, and whether the company offers a service agreement.  Fourth, satisfy yourself that the company you choose will be there when your system needs to be serviced.  Finally, just like a marriage, the most essential terms of this relationship -- equipment, programming, price, service and terms that are unique to your circumstances -- should be decided upon and documented to manage and understand expectations of both parties. 


If we can answer any questions, please contact us by email,, drop in to our North Scottsdale office at 8595 E. Bell Rd. Suite #D101, or give us a call at 602.206.4905 to schedule an appointment for Acoustic Designs to assess the current state of your home entertainment system.  Either way, Acoustic Designs can confidently deliver the system that serves your lifestyle and exceeds your expectations. 





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